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There are many benefits to obtaining U.S. citizenship. It is a great privilege to be a citizen of this country for many reasons, including the right to vote, freedom of speech, and immunity from removal. There are a variety of ways to become a citizen of this country, and an attorney from our firm can help you through the process no matter what your situation involves.

Citizenship can be obtained and established through the following ways:

If a child is born out of wedlock or either biological parent is an American citizen, then the child can obtain citizenship through acquisition. This can be obtained even if the child was born outside of the U.S. You can also become a U.S. citizen if either your mother or father became naturalized prior to your 18th birthday.

There are not many factors that you will be able to control throughout the citizenship process. The ideal situation would be to become a derivative citizen or a citizen through acquisition, but there are also other ways to work through the process. Naturalization is the primary procedure to take when seeking citizenship. At Robert Brown LLC, one of our attorneys will be able to help you navigate the process and help you determine which path to follow.

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Our Winter Park immigration lawyers - Erin Brown, Rishi Oza, Aleksandar Cuic, and founder Robert Brown - have the comprehensive ability to help you establish citizenship in the United States. With more than five decades of experience, we understand the immigration process and how it can affect the remainder of your life. This is a complex process, so you can benefit from getting the assistance of a lawyer from our firm. We can discuss your options with you and offer advice as to the most effective path to take.

At Robert Brown LLC, we are prepared to take action for you. Contact our Winter Park immigration firm for help with pursuing citizenship in the Orlando area.

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