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Forms of Relief

If you are facing the removal process by the United States government, then it is important to get help from an Winter Park immigration attorney who employs aggressive techniques to help you seek relief. There are a variety of forms of relief that Attorneys Robert Brown, Erin Brown, Rishi Oza, and Aleksandar Cuic from our firm can discuss with you. Our firm's team has deep and extensive knowledge of immigration laws and is strongly dedicated to each client. We can examine your situation and meticulously prepare a case that salvages your efforts at naturalization.

If you were in the country on a visa that has expired and now are facing removal from the country, then you can obtain an adjustment of status with the help of an attorney. Our firm can help you adjust your status to that of a legal permanent resident.

A common relief from removal is asylum. This is for individuals who do not feel safe returning to their home country out of a fear of persecution. Asylum must be filed for within one year of entry into the United States in order to be accepted.

A cancellation of removal is an application for relief of removal or deportation from the country. If granted, the negative factors of the case will be outweighed by the positives and the immigrant will be pardoned. The application distinguishes between permanent residents and non-permanent residents.

Convention Against Torture
Relief from removal can be obtained by providing substantial proof that you will most likely face torture if you return to your home country. It has to be shown that you will "more likely than not" experience torture. An attorney can help gather evidence and present your case.

If you are convicted of specific crimes that cause you to be removed from the country, then you might be eligible for a waiver as a form of relief from removal. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, you could be eligible for a waiver. This waiver can help you become a permanent resident with the assistance of an attorney from our firm.

The relief known as withholding is similar to asylum, except that the application requirements are different. It does not have to be filed within the first year of entry and does not allow the immigrant to apply for permanent residency.

Obtaining Relief from Removal in Florida

It is essential to obtain legal representation when you are facing removal from the country. Losing all you have been working for in a deportation situation can be devastating to you and your family. At Robert Brown LLC, our team of Winter Park deportation defense attorneys has helped many individuals. With a vast amount of experience, we could help you, too. Call today!

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