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The Cuban Adjustment Act

The Cuban Adjustment Act, part of U.S. immigration law, essentially has granted refugee status to Cubans who have fled their country and the communist government to live in the USA. The Act was passed in 1966, and Cuban immigrants have specific benefits and privileges that do not benefit any other foreign nationals.

The Cuban government has raged against this law since its passage, claiming that it has allowed the best-educated in their country to leave and move to the USA to live and work, undermining their society. Recently, the Cuban government has taken action, by reforming travel restrictions, allowing Cubans to leave their country without an "exit permit" to leave, and they can be out of the country for 24 months without affecting their residency status. This change is expected to impact the numbers of migrant workers from Cuba entering the USA for seasonal work.

How these reforms will impact the Cuban Adjustment Act is unknown. Will there be future changes for Cubans who are hoping to get on the path to citizenship in the USA through seeking refugee status? Will the special status of Cubans who seek to live in the USA be cancelled, due to the reforms in Cuba? As no other country's immigrants has the benefits afforded to Cuban nationals, this is one of the issues that could be looked at in the upcoming immigration reform.

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