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How Can I Defend Myself Against Deportation?

Facing the possibility of deportation can be an extremely frightening experience for any foreign national who is currently residing in the U.S. on a temporary employment-based or family-based visa. It can also be terrifying for that person's family members and loved ones who are relying on him or her to provide a certain level of financial and emotional support. If you have received a notice to appear or you have been told that you could be facing removal or deportation from the U.S., it is vital that you secure legal representation from a skilled Orlando immigration attorney at once. Failing to take immediate action in your own defense could have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

We realize that in many instances foreign nationals may be completely unaware of the reason(s) they may have suddenly found themselves facing deportation. Not all deportation orders are completely warranted and in some cases even a valid order, particularly one that has been improperly executed, can be challenged. If you are facing deportation or removal for a violation of the conditions of your visa, for pending criminal charges or a criminal conviction, for an issue relating to your unlawful presence here in the states or for any other reason, our firm will vigorously work to see that you are given the opportunity you deserve to defend yourself against deportation.

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Our firm has decades of experience helping people come up with a successful resolution for all of their immigration-related issues and our founding attorney has been recognized by Inside Business magazine as a Leading Lawyer for 10 consecutive years. If you want a legal team who is committed to doing everything possible to help you avoid deportation, you want the legal team atBrown Immigration Law. Call us now to find out how our firm may be able to put a stop to removal proceedings and help you avoid deportation.