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A Roller Coaster for Undocumented Immigrants: The Hopes of Reform

Immigrants throughout the U.S.A. have been waiting and hoping that an immigration reform bill will finally pass and become law and that the fear of deportation can come to an end. Unfortunately, 2013 did not prove to be the year that immigration reform became law. Undocumented immigrants remain hopeful that in the future, there will be the chance to gain legal status and build their lives in the U.S.A. without the fear of being forced to return to their home country through deportation. Many of these people have lived and worked in the country for years, have built lives, and their families grew up as Americans. Even so, under the Obama administration, the greatest number of deportations have taken place – more than under any other administration in the history of the country.

Are you concerned about your future, or has one of your relatives been picked up by ICE and detained? It is absolutely imperative that you contact a highly skilled and experienced Winter Park immigration attorney. It can be difficult to find out where your relative is being detained, or how long he or she has before being sent back to Cuba, Mexico or other country of origin. A lawyer that is very familiar with U.S. immigration law can help you to take action to halt the deportation proceedings and seek legal residency and work status, or minimally delay the process in the hopes that the immigration reform bill will finally become law in 2014.

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