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Fear of Deportation for Undocumented Immigrants in the Orlando Area

Deportation actions continue at a high rate in the Orlando area, and it is reported that there have been more deportations under the Obama administration than under any other president in the history of the country. A large percentage of those deported were active members of the community, some are business owners, and others have raised families and have lived and worked in the Orlando area for many years, or decades. The immigration authorities have become extremely active and there is a much higher risk of deportation than under prior administrations.

Since President Obama took office, there have been more than 1.9 million people deported from the U.S.A., a staggering number, and an all-time record. Although the administration it claims that it has focused on deporting those with criminal records, many were honest, hardworking people with no criminal record or history of violence, that were merely here trying to create a better life for their families, many with children born in the U.S.A., and strong ties to the community.

There is a congressional requirement that 30,000 people are detained every day. This is such an extreme number that many people are now being caught in the net of ICE who have strong family ties in the U.S.A., are long-term residents, and have raised families here, or even own businesses that employ others. If your family member has been detained by ICE, it could not be more important that you seek legal counsel at once. If your loved one is returned to his or her home country, it is far more difficult to resolve the issues than it may be if legal action is taken to defend against the deportation action from within the U.S.A. Don't take chances with who you hire to represent you. AtBrown Immigration Law, our firm was established by a former District Director for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Attorney Robert Brown. You can be confident that everything possible will be done to assist you to protect your loved one from deportation, but legal action should take place at once.

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