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How to Determine Which Type of Non-Immigrant Visa is Right for You

Individuals who wish to come to the United States on a non-permanent basis can do so by applying for a non-immigrant visa. The purpose of your visit, as well as the length of your intended stay, will determine the type of visa for which you should apply. As there are many different types of visas an individual can apply for when seeking temporary admittance, we strongly advise you seek counsel from an experienced Winter Park immigration attorney before making a final determination on which type of non-immigrant visa may be right for you. Applying for the wrong type of non-immigrant visa, making an error on your application and having inadequate documentation are all reasons why an individual may be denied entry into the country.

Our attorneys have helped guide countless of individuals and families effortlessly through the visa application process. Clients who retain our services take comfort in the fact that no matter what immigration issue may arise during the pursuit of their non-immigrant visa, or during the duration of their stay, we are ready and able to provide them with the aggressive representation they may require. One simple phone call toBrown Immigration Law is all that it takes for you to be able to gain access to more than 5 decades of immigration experience and the skills only possessed by a former District Director with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

If you or someone you love wishes to visit the United States for business, as a government official, as part of other travels, to see family, as an exchange student, or for any other reason, our firm is here to help you determine which type of non-immigrant visa is right for you. We can also help those who qualify, apply for short-term visa waivers. Whatever your immigration needs may be, our law firm and legal team are ready to work diligently on your behalf. Contact us now to discuss your current situation and review the options available to you.