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Length of Time You Can Stay on Your Visa

When a person applies for a United States visa, there are terms and conditions that they must follow. One of those conditions is the length of time they are permitted to remain in the United States. Certain types of visas will allow their holder to stay for different amounts of time.

Common Visa Types & Length of Stay

Visas can be split into two main types: immigration and non-immigration. A non-immigration visa is for those that seek to remain for a short period of time due to work, studying, tourism, or business. Immigrant visas are included for those intending to become residents.

Some of the common visa types and lengths are below:

  • Visitors for business or pleasure: 6 months or less, can be extended
  • Transit through the United States: No longer than what is needed for travel
  • Academic students: Duration of the time enrolled full-time at an approved school
  • Temporary / unskilled workers: 12 months or less
  • H-1B temporary workers in specialty roles: up to 3 years
  • Spouses of citizens: 2 years or less, or until their green card is approved
  • Athletes, entertainers, and artists: Time needed to complete the event
  • Victims of trafficking or crimes: 4 years, unless special circumstances are met
  • K-1 fiance visa: up to 90 days

The type of visa that a person applies for will only authorize that activity to be completed for the pre-approved length of time. Many of these visas can be extended if the proper information is provided, but a new visa must be applied for if something changes. For example, someone that comes for a limited time on a business visa cannot enroll in school and assume their business visa will apply as an academic visa.

Visa Expiration Date vs. Length of Authorized Stay

It is important to know that a visa may have an expiration date that does not indicate how long someone can remain in the United States on their visa.

The expiration date on a visa indicates the length of time that the person is authorized to enter the United States. Once that date has passed, you may not be able to physically enter the U.S. unless you renew your visa

Need to Apply for or Extend a Visa?

Staying past the time limits of a visa can have serious consequences. If you are interested in applying for a visa or need to extend your stay, contact us for guidance. Our firm provides legal support to those in Florida that are facing any problems concerning immigration, including visa-related issues.

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