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Obtaining Proof of U.S. Citizenship for Those Born Abroad

One of the great things about Florida is the vibrant immigrant communities have brought to the state for decades. With many citizens of Florida being the children of immigrants or immigrants themselves, Florida is rooted in the tradition of dual cultures.

For those that now call the United States their home, it is important to obtain documents to prove American citizenship so they can afford the many opportunities provided by citizenship, including the right to vote, a U.S. passport, and the ability to bring their family members to the United States.

What Documents Do I Need to Prove U.S. Citizenship?

Some accepted forms of proof of U.S. citizenship include:

  • Birth certificate
  • U.S. passport
  • Certificate of citizenship (issued to those born outside the U.S. but are citizens from their parents)
  • Naturalization certification (issued to those who are naturalized)

Any person born in the United States with a birth record will have a U.S. government-issued birth certificate. If a person immigrated to the United States and became a citizen, naturalization documents will have been given to that person.

What If I Was Born Outside of the U.S.?

What happens if a person was not born in the United States but has a right to citizenship through their parents? If the person's parents did not register their birth with the U.S. consulate to receive a Consular Registration of Birth Abroad, the person will have to apply for a U.S. Passport or a certificate of citizenship.

Establishing Citizenship with a U.S. Passport 

A United States passport is a good way to demonstrate American citizenship if a person's citizenship claim can be established. A passport can be obtained from a passport office or through the U.S. consulate.

Before going to apply for a passport, a person will need to have:

  • Proof of parent's U.S. citizenship, such as birth certificates or naturalization records
  • Evidence that parents complied with residency requirements, which may be work or tax records
  • Proof of residency requirements fulfilled by the individual
  • Affidavits explaining why the person was unaware of their citizenship claim

Sharing this information will be in addition to the traditional requirements to obtain a passport, such as providing a birth certificate and paying the necessary fees.

Obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship

A person with a citizenship claim can apply for a certificate of citizenship from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at any location within the United States. A certificate of citizenship can take longer to receive than a passport, but is the easiest option for those that obtained their citizenship through a parent that was naturalized as a citizen.

When applying for a certificate of citizenship, a person will need to have their parents' birth certificates, naturalization certificates, and marriage certificate, as well as their own birth certificate and any marriage certificates or divorce decrees that may apply.

Need Help with the Citizenship Application?

Proving citizenship can be stressful, and even more so for those that may not have the proper documentation. If you are applying for a document to prove citizenship and are facing problems with your claim, an immigration attorney can help ease the process.

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