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At Brown Immigration Law, we provide the defense that you need when you are facing removal from the United States of America. Removal, or deportation, is the consequence of overstaying a visa or violating a provision that has granted you permission to be in the country. Immigrants who are facing removal from the United States and deportation back to their homeland should ensure that their rights are being protected in the process. Exclusion is similar to removal but it is dealt with in circuit courts.

What Does the Removal Process Involve?

The removal process is dealt with by an immigration judge and involves the following components:

Detention and Bonds
An alien that violates immigration laws while staying in the United States can be detained. Certain immigrants can apply for a bond hearing after being notified of detention.

Legalization of immigrants is a highly debated issue that can be thoroughly examined with the assistance of an attorney. Whether illegal aliens residing in the United States should be allowed to become permanent residents is a hotly debated topic in this country.

Notice to Appear
The removal process begins with a notice to appear. This must be issued by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) and served to the alien under investigation.

Order of Supervision
An order of supervision demands that an immigrant must be supervised by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The alien will have to check in with ICE officials at set times. If you are issued an order of supervision, then you will have to follow the rules that are established in the order.

Relief from Removal
An attorney can help you understand the various forms of relief from removal. If you have been served a notice to appear, then you can seek relief from removal or deportation. Cancellation, suspension, and asylum are just a few forms of relief available.

Stay of Removal
A stay of removal can be granted as a temporary suspension of removal. It is a defense against the removal process and can be filed with the federal court.

Removal can be waived under certain circumstances. There are different types of waivers that can be used for specific situations.

Let Our Qualified Orlando Immigration Firm Come to Your Aid

At Brown Immigration Law, we understand that the threat of deportation and removal can be overwhelming. It is important, however, that you seek legal representation as soon as possible so that a defense strategy can be implemented quickly and effectively. With years of experience and numerous successful deportation and removal defense cases on our side, you can be confident that our firm will fight aggressively and intelligently for you, a loved one or an employee.

Contact our firm today to schedule a case evaluation or to learn more about how our legal team at Brown Immigration Law can help you.

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